Diary of A Patient: Breast Augmentation

Published: 03rd August 2010
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The below is a diarised account of a patient that came to us from breast augmentation so you can get a good understanding of what to expect from the procedure from someone that has already been through the process.

The process of having breast implants in Adelaide at Norwood Day Surgery began a month before surgery. I had been considering having a "boob job" for years as throughout my teenage years I had never developed a nice cup size that made me feel womanly. I was constantly wearing the biggest padded and push-up bras I could find but even this was difficult when you don't have much there to work with and still try an achieve a natural shape. Over the years I have worn 'chicken fillets' to try and achieve a bigger cup but wearing these long term wasn't an option as I found them uncomfortable and always worried that one might slip out on the dance floor! I always knew one day I would have breast augmentation to boost my self esteem and end the padded bra and chicken fillet saga. I made an appointment at Norwood Day Surgery to speak with the surgeon to find out more about Breast Augmentation Surgery.

The consultation went well; I had a list of questions that I had prepared as well as some photos of the size of breasts I would like to achieve using breast implants. I discussed the different breast implant sizes and profiles that were available to achieve a natural looking shape that I had in mind. After careful consideration and advice from my surgeon I decided on 365cc moderate profile textured cohesive gel implant. I was an A cup and this breast implant size would give me a D cup. I booked my procedure for April 2009 on a Thursday leading into the Easter break.

The day before my procedure I received a phone call from Norwood Day Surgery running through a checklist to make sure I was ready for surgery the next day. They advised me to wear comfortable clothes, no alcohol the night before, fasting instructions, to bring my bra to wear home, the balance of my account as well as making sure I had arranged for someone to drive me home. The night before surgery I felt like a little kid trying to sleep on Christmas Eve. I was so excited I couldn't sleep!

Finally it was the morning of my surgery. I was so excited I couldn't believe the day had finally come. My partner drove me to Norwood Day Surgery and waited with me until my nurse took me through. I was seated in a comfortable lounge chair whilst she checked over my paperwork and took my temperate and prepped me ready to go into theatre. I was given a theatre gown and a little hat and booties to wear. I was also given a lovely warm blanket as I waited to speak to my surgeon. He had another chat with me and went over again with me which sizing I wanted. He drew some markings on me to help him during operating and I was taken through to theatre. There were quite a few nurses buzzing around but all were very lovely to me and I felt at ease. I laid down on the theatre bed and my anaesthetic nurse sat next to me at the top of the bed. I don't remember what happened after that until I woke up in recovery.

My recovery nurse was wonderful, she chatted to me and checked me over and started to get me ready to go home. I was in recovery for a few hours but it seemed like minutes as I was still groggy from the anaesthetic. The surgeon said goodbye and I was given medication to take home with me. My partner helped me into the car and helped me to get comfortable in bed once we got home. I slept well that night but my chest felt heavy.

The next morning I woke up and took pain relief straight away and continued it throughout the day as instructed. I felt sore and needed help getting out of bed and having a shower. I felt so much better after this and rested in front of the TV and watched movies and read magazines. I wasn't uncomfortable while sitting and resting just moving was sometimes sore. I kept up my medications as instructed and received a phone call from Norwood Day Surgery checking on my progress and making sure I understood my post-operative instructions well. An appointment was made to see the surgeon one week from the procedure date.

One week later I felt much better and was moving around more freely and driving again. The surgeon said my scar lines were clean and no sign of infection. I was happy with the size so far but knew they were still swollen and my final size would be a little smaller than what it was currently.

I wore a bra without underwire for three months and was so excited the day I went shopping with a friend to buy a normal bra. They looked fantastic - I was so excited. They were perfect size and were making everything I wore look just that little bit better. I was nervous at first seeing friends and family who didn't know I had breast augmentation but found that nobody said anything to me - maybe this was because I had always worn padded bras and now I was wearing normal bra without padding the size difference wasn't overly noticeable with winter clothes. At this stage my scar lines were only a little pink.

Summer came around and it was time to find a pair of bathers. This also was an exciting time as again, anything I tried on looked so lovely and I didn't have to find the smallest size with lots of padding for once. My partner and I had a nice holiday up at the river and I have never felt more confident about my body.

It has now been 15 months since my procedure. My scar lines are skin colour and are not noticeable. The breast implants feel a-part of my body and I don't even think about them anymore. I am happy with the size I chose and now love trying on dresses and clothes which I never did before my "boob job". I feel confident about my body image - having breast augmentation was the right procedure for me.

Norwood Day Surgery provides a host of cosmetic surgery procedures including liposuction, hair loss treatment and breast augmentation in Adelaide. With a combined experience of over 50 years, you can be sure that you are in skilled hands.

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